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Onsite Technical Support and troubleshooting to projects

Digital Literacy trainings & systems User Management and mentoring.

Data management support

Graphics Designs and Web Development

Digital tools supply

Software Development Project Management Support

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Our core objective is to make businesses and projects attain high quality results.
We recognize that businesses and organizations of different nature use information systems at all levels of operations to collect, process, and store data. We also recognize that managers aggregate and disseminate this data in the form of information needed to carry out the daily operations and strategic visions of institutions. Data managers can span, from a pharmacist who orders drugs to the nurse who attends to a patient, to a community health worker who makes follow-ups or indeed a project manager who checks project indicators and deliverables.  Attaining Efficiency with these processes for the greater success of projects and businesses is what we specialize in doing.

How can we support your business?

Onsite Technical support and troubleshooting to projects

Do you have a project that require IT technical support? Do you need someone stationed at your premises to offer technical support and pay on a monhtly basis? Do you just want a once off service and pay as you go. We are able to offer ICT consultancy including  onsite technical support and  remote troubleshooting.

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Laptop, Desktop, tablet, printer repair and maintenance.

Software and hardware Installation

We are able to to do software and hardware installations on behalf of our clients. We also go an extra mile in providing routine maintenance on installed devices

Network support and monitoring

Device installations, device monitoring, internet monitoring, monthly mentenance. 

Data Management Support

Do you have a project that demands high quality data for decision making? We are able to support projects with their data management needs. We are able to provide our agents and help in the following spheres.

Data Entry and collection

We deploy agents at points of collection. We are also able to process data of any kind on behalf of clients. 

Data cleaning and analysis

Managing the correction of errors and double-checking of queried data on the relevant electronic/paper / database.

Data collection tools

We are able to design and configure ODK for our clients which they can use to collect data for further analysis

Digital Literacy Trainings & User Management

Building systems is one thing, but getting users to use the system and reap the full benefits of the system is another. We have seen old and new systems fail or not reaching maximum utilization and hence organizations not being able to reap the full benefit of the system. Sometimes, information systems are not a problem but a lack of awareness, lack of operations procedures, lack of systems knowledge, lack of strong support structure and resistance to change from the users is the problem. This is where we come in. At Barefoot Frontline Agency, we believe that having a well-trained motivated, knowledgeable and confident workforce is the key to excellent operations and service.  Barefoot Frontline Agency are able to train, mentor and offer technical support to the intended user audience on behalf of organizations to reap the full benefits of their information systems

Systems User Training / Mentoring
  • New system deployment training
  • Refresher training or special needs training
  • Standard operations procedure design and enforcement.
Systems Technical Support
  • First line (tier) technical support
  • Second line (tier) technical support
  • Customized support

Software Development Project Management Support

Do you have a project that demands high quality Project management to support the full cycle of systems development? We provide consultancy services in the following spheres. 

Systems Project Management
  • Systems requirements & Analysis
  • Systems designs for the developers
  • Milestone tracking and monitoring
  • Project work plans formulation
  • Systems training  and SOPs / user guides formulation
Deployment and Implementational Support
  • Systems User Training / Mentoring.
    • New system deployment training
    • Refresher training or special needs training
    • Standard operations procedure design and enforcement.
    • Systems perfomance monitoring
  • M&E Support, (Baseline, Midline, Endline)
  • Systems Technical support
    • First line (tier) technical support
    • Second line (tier) technical support
    • Customized support
Software testing - Quality Assurance
  • Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Compatibility testing

Digital Tools Supplier

Do you have a project that that requires the supply and replacement of digital equipment? We are able to supply digital tools. we can also support project with deploying the equipment and maintain the equiment on behalf of our clients. 

Laptops / Desktop Computers

Lenovo, HP, dell

Tablets / Phones

We are able to supply durable and lasting tablets that are Shock resistant (No breaking), dust proof, water proof and are suitable at data collection points.

Network devices and Printers

Wireless Routers, modems for internet connectivity. 

Graphics designs and web development

Do you have a project requiring graphic designs that are speak to the program that you are carrying out.  We create high quality localized graphics with the messaging of your choice.  We are also able to make videos and micro videos for your program to show case the work you do and also for social medi following. We are well vested with creating and maintaining your website. 

Newsletters designs, posters, flyers, infographics etc.
Web development and social media management
Videography, micro videos

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