You may not be in the marketing business but whether you like it or not, you are a brand and hence Digital Marketing is essential. There is a perception about you out there and you have the power to shape that percepton. With growing technology and dependence on machines our interaction with machines is increasing and hence the role of digital media is also increasing in everyone’s life. We are here to accelerate growth and improve the way you connect with your clients, stakeholders or your funders. Digital media provides a very substantial base for people to buy in what you offer as a service . The speed of content delivery is fast and highly customizable.  With that understanding, we help organisations, projects, SMEs with creating outstanding content through diferent kinds of media as they reachout to their intended audience



    1. We support the web development Cycle
    2. Domain Registration 
    3. Web Hosting
    4. Mentenance and Management

    Social Media

    1. Support SMEs in highlighting their brand, products, services, culture, and more though channels like facebook, twitter, ticktock, instangram and linkedin.
    2. Action Plan accountability
    3. Growth Strategy accountability 
    4. Bi-weekly report on SME digitisation progress 


    1. Logo Designs
    2. Posters, Banners, general gpaphics  
    3. Newsletters, Magazines, 
    4. Inforgraphics, 

    Video / Podcasts

    We facilitate the production of high quality videos and micro videos for your content sharing and story telling.
    1. We can cover coperate events. 
    2. Project activities.
    3. Social events
    4. High quality Adverts e.t.c 


    We write blogs or reviews for our clients products and services to involke online presence. Generally before making a buying decision any customer wishes to get a review from the current user of the product or service. Also there are certain doubts which can be cleared by the company or the current users through blogging where question and answer conveyance is very high.

    Email / Newsletter Sms

    We can help with designing campaign email and bulk SMS. Often to either attract , update them of a product, to show them how you value them or simply to wish them well during a special holiday. Emails and SMS can be highly customizable, cost effective and informative.

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